PXM-12MP - 12” Powered Coaxial Multi Functional Monitor

12” Powered Coaxial Monitor
• Multi-functional monitoring system that is useable as a floor wedge or as a mains PA.
• Acoustically optimized 55° monitor floor angle.
• QuickSmartDSP features best-in-class processing. Easy setup via four presets, sub/top system-match, three-band EQ, five user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, and master volume control to optimize gain structure, all via LCD.
• 700 W Class-D power amplifier designed by Dynacord delivers up to 129 dB peak SPL utilizing transducers by EV.
• System reliability verified with over 500 hours of abuse and endurance testing.
The PXM-12MP is a dedicated portable loudspeaker system designed to provide musicians, DJs, and audio engineers convenient and powerful monitoring and playback functionality. By providing a symmetrical 90° x 90° coverage pattern facilitated by a 12” / 1.75” coaxial driver, users can experience solid, consistent coverage, which ensures that their mix can be heard clearly without constraining them to a limited part of the stage. The 55° monitoring angle enables users to stand as close or as far away from the system as necessary without sacrificing audio intelligibility. An integrated pole mount at the front allows for additional applications such fills, delays, or a main PA. With a dedicated subwoofer and the adjustable subwoofer matching LPFs of the PXM-12MP, a full 3-way system can be configured to create an extremely compact main PA.
The integrated mixing section provides 3 input channels: 2x XLR / ¼” combination connectors and a stereo RCA input. The DSP offers 4 EQ presets, high and low shelving, parametric midrange EQs, adjustable low-cut filters, a tunable feedback notch filter, and recallable user settings. The Class-D 700W amplifier provides enough power to satisfy the most demanding monitoring requirements, and system protection and limitation designed by Electro-Voice ensures that the PXM-12MP will play loudly and consistently even at the edge of its specifications.
Frequency response (-3 dB): 64 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency range (-10 dB): 53 Hz - 20 kHz
Monitor Angle: 55°
Maximum SPL: 129 dB
Coverage (H x V): 90° x 90°
Amplifier Rating: 700 W
LF Channel Rating: 500 W
HF Channel Rating: 200 W
Crossover frequency: 1.6 kHz
Transducer: CXCA2128-1NA 12” / 1.75” 2-way coaxial
Connectors: 2x XLR/TRS combo input
1x Stereo RCA input
1x XLR THRU input
Enclosure: 15 mm Plywood
Grille: Steel with black powder coat
Color: Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm (in): 334 mm x 409 mm x 484 mm (13.1 in x 16.1 in x 19.0 in)
Net weight: 13.5 kg (29.8 lb)
Shipping weight: 15.6 kg (34.3 lb)
Power consumption: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 0.8 - 0.5 A